Business process optimization is The ZDM Group's focus


We have been helping organizations and individuals make profitable process decisions using statistically sound methods such as Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma on five continents since 1991.


Our comprehensive approach assists companies develop new products, improve existing ones and maximize the quality, productivity and profitability of manufacturing and service organizations. We provide education for all levels of the organization to assure our clients realize their maximum potential as organizations and individuals.


The ZDM Group works with our clients to statistically examine all facets of their key business processes to implement and sustain maximum effectiveness at meeting the organization’s goals. These improvements typically reward companies with returns on investment in less than twelve months and greater than 100%. Individuals receiving their Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certification with The ZDM Group’s consistently become some of their organizations most valued associates. They typically are rewarded with positions of increasing responsibility and compensation.


The founders of The ZDM Group and their instructors and consultants all have between fifteen and thirty years of international statistical, engineering and operations experience. The ZDM Group offers training and assistance with the application of statistically sounds solutions in English, Spanish, German and Italian.


The ZDM Group offers support for Statistically Sound decision making through education and consulting wherever there is a process involved – whether it’s new materials, process or product research and development; manufacturing; process and product validation; sales, marketing or merchandising; finance and administration; health care services at the hospital or in the doctor’s office, or project management for a new plastic container manufacturing facility. The ZDM Group’s unique certification programs for individuals, laboratories, supply chain and whole organizations form an effective strategy for assuring your success and recognition.



How we help

"Steve Zagarola effectively taught our workforce statistically sound methods for optimizing and controlling our manufacturing processes -- and the results exceeded our expectations. We found the implementation of process control and improvement methods to be systematic, easily understood by our machine operators and supervision, and enthusiastically accepted as standard operating procedure."

Bob Tremblay - President - Western Container

“THE ZDM GROUP’s scientific but practical approach to process and materials technology development quickly delineates the strengths and weaknesses of a new technology like ours.  The bottom line-THE ZDM GROUP can make or save a technology provider and its customers millions by systematically mapping the path of success”

Peter Maul – President Nanocor

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We are offering private courses for companies globally. Please inquire below for more information.